Student Testimonies


The following are excerpts from a class assignment by Hannah Fitzgerald, a student at Rutgers University. She gave it to me to share:

“One of my proudest personal achievements of my time at Rutgers is my position as treasurer and president elect of Ratio Christi. I stumbled into a Ratio Christi meeting my second week as a freshman … In Ratio Christi, I discovered an entire world I never knew existed: Christian apologetics.

“…Because of God’s provision through my studying of apologetics, my faith is stronger than it has ever been. Learning to love God with my mind has allowed me to truly deepen my love for God in my heart and in my soul. Worshipping and praying became more natural for me when it became real for me that God is really there… Ratio Christi has given me a thirst for knowledge and truth and has allowed me to have discussions with an extremely diverse group of people, not only about faith, but about the world at large.   

“…I invite my friends from all across campus to come to our weekly meetings. Because of Ratio Christi I have been able to discuss taboo topics such as how the Sexual Revolution, slavery, genocide, various political structures and many worldviews are addressed in the Bible. Without Ratio Christi, my engineering classmates and I would not have a forum to discuss anything like this. I have been amazed and overjoyed that almost everyone I have invited to Ratio Christi has come, and that the ones who come, come back.

“…Ratio Christi has provided me an outlet to take a break from engineering work while still using my mind. Studying the Bible and my time at Ratio Christi has been the source of my maturity in college and has given me the inspiration to continue my engineering studies. 

“At Ratio Christi, we discuss the interplay between faith, philosophy, and science –  a dialogue not had in any of my engineering classes. What is an education worth if after graduating one does not know what they believe about their own existence?”

-Hannah Fitzgerald, Class of 2019

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