My Sermons

Here are a few of my sermons, given at Point Community Church, where I am an elder:

“Apologetics for the Rest of Us” (1 Peter 3:15-16)


“A Cult of Extravagant Lengths” (Matthew 5:38-48)  *Sermon starts at 5 min.*


“Rage Against the Malignity” (Matthew 5:21-26) + Ratio Christi Talk


“I AM Sent” (Exodus 3; Isaiah 6:1-8; John 8:23-24, 56-59)


“Walking the Walk With Integrity” (Genesis 39 – Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife)


“Sabbath Rest: You Can’t Fake it!” (Hebrews 4:8-13)


“A Foretaste of the New Heaven and New Earth” (Revelation 21:1-6)