Invite Steve to Speak

Steve is available to give apologetic & theological talks and classes and preach sermons in the NJ, NYC, & Philadelphia area.


Some apologetics/theological classes he has readily available:

  • The Big Picture: How to Read the Bible & Understand it
  • New Testament
    • Is the New Testament Trustworthy? (Has it Been Corrupted Over Time?)
    • How Did the New Testament Canon Come About?
    • Making Sense of Differences Between the 4 Gospels
    • Understanding Slavery in the New Testament
  • Old Testament
    • Understanding Slavery in the Old Testament
    • Understanding the Canaanite Genocide
    • Introduction to the Messianic Prophecies
  • Christian Theology
    • Understanding The Trinity
    • Understanding Christ’s Duel Nature: Both Human & Divine
  • Other Faiths
    • Identifying & Responding to Christian “Cults” (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Etc.) (What’s the Difference Between a Denomination and “Cult”?)
    • The Islamic Jesus and the Problem of the Muslim Sources
  • Controversial Cultural Issues:
    • Sex is Not Morally Neutral: Defending the Christian Sex Ethic
    • Understanding the Debate: Women in Ministry
  • Evangelism & Apologetics
    • Have a Discussion, Not a Debate: Introduction to Apologetics & Evangelism
    • Apologetics Essentials: Intro to Arguments for Believing in God and Christ


Learn more about these classes at Steve’s official Ratio Christi page: HERE.